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Sentry Hill Experience Sept.  2010:



The day broke with Heavy Rainfall and it lasted all day and in fact it rained all night. That did not deter 14 members to rendezvous at the The Corrs Corner Roundabout at 10.30 to go for a run to two venues of which I can tell more about later. We did not mind the awful weather and in a short distance and around a few turns we arrived at our first location. This gave the title to our run. The Sentry Hill Experience had arrived. We split up into two groups and were fed by the usual tea/coffee and buns before the tour commenced. We toured the combined house and saw the exhibits from other lands brought back by a former inhabitant and in fact a number of members could recall the last inhabitant ,who was a doctor, coming round to their house and telling them about his own farming experiences. The tour now was over and the person who was in charge took pity on the about to get drenched people and provided a room for the lunch. Undeterred we headed off for the second visit which was The Spade Mill. This was a very different display and had a practical application. We saw a spade being made from a small piece of metal into a working spade. Then in the next room we saw the shaft being fitted. Next we went outside to see how the mill was powered by water power. Now it was time to get on board our cars and to go for a not forgettable run through the countryside and them back to the Templeton Hotel for a meal which was to a very high standard. It was a brilliant day and now it was time to say our good byes.



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