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In the late nineteen sixties there were a small number of enthusiasts who wanted to use their vintage Austinís together on a regular basis.  In October 1969 they all met in McConnellís Pub in Dough and eventually formed the Ulster pre War Austin Club. Initially it was meant to only cater for Pre War Austinís but such was the enthusiasm for old cars that it was soon extended to cater for all pre war cars, whilst still retaining its original name.  The constitution has been changed to allow all cars up to 1975 to attend runs.  This also includes face lifted models which were made after that date.  Some of the early meetings were held in Killead Church Hall near Aldergrove.  In recent years the meetings are held at the Village Centre Hillsborough on a regular basis.  Despite being an old car club we choose our speakers and subjects that will appeal to all our members. Anyone is welcome to come even before they become a member. Please contact the secretary for details.


In 1970 the Club ran its first event.  Back then it was run in a very relaxed format with none of the restrictive legislation that has to be followed today.  Early events consisted of road runs in scenic locations, mainly in County Antrim using tulip diagrams for instructions.  Driving tests to measure your parking skills, driving around obstacles, judging the height of running boards and bumpers etc were commonly used on events.


Now that the Club is approaching its 50th anniversary in 2019 and the cars have all got older, events have changed.  We still go on scenic runs but instead of driving tests we now generally include a visit to a special place of interest.


One of our founder members George McCaig and his wife Sadie are still regular attendees at Club events, still using their 1933 Austin 12, a car they purchased in 1962 for £15, which just goes to prove the old slogan that you should invest in an Austin.


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PRESIDENT: †† George McCaig†† ††††††††††


VICE-PRESIDENT: †† Sam Marsden††††††† †††††††††


CHAIRMAN: †††  Wesley Lamont††††††† †††††††††


VICE-CHAIRMAN: ††† Geoffrey Livingstone             


SECRETARY: †† Ella McLoughlin†† †††††††††                 

                                    Email (work)

                              02892638796 or 07803143856


(Please send all membership forms to secretary. Membership form and contact details under website membership page)

 AOVC  delegates: Des Ballentine, Danny McFarland, William Todd.